Areas of research

  • Obtain experimental data and study laws of changes in the properties of structural and fuel materials under irradiation including high-dose irradiation;
  • Study properties and show the feasibility of new materials, methods and design options when testing components for nuclear and fusion facilities under full-scale and accelerated conditions;
  • Try out a method of obtaining and studying the properties of far transuranium elements and their isotopes;
  • Develop advanced methods for accumulation and production of light element radiochemicals with high specific activity for nuclear engineering and medical applications.


  • Accelerated irradiation of structural and fuel materials under the damage dose accumulation rate up to 25 dpa/year and up to 75, 100, 150 dpa in a wide temperature range;
  • Study of irradiation swelling and deformation of different alloys;
  • Study of irradiation creep of structural materials and fuel;
  • Study of changes in fracture toughness of zirconium alloys under low-temperature irradiation;
  • Study of material crack resistance;
  • Study of delayed hydride cracking of zirconium alloys after low-temperature irradiation;
  • Study of corrosion interaction of structural materials under high-dose irradiation;
  • Accumulation of different radionuclides.

Promising Areas of Research

  • Study of performance and behavior of structural, fuel and absorbing materials used in nuclear reactors of different applications (power reactors, propulsion reactors, research reactors, space reactors, etc.) under irradiation in design operating modes (standard, stationary, transient) and design basis accidents;
  • Development of techniques & devices and high-dose instrumented tests including creep tests, long-term strength tests and corrosion cracking of structural materials intended for next generation nuclear power facilities;
  • Accumulation of a wide range of radionuclides for different purposes (244–248Cm, 243Am, 248,249,252Cf, 33P, 153Gd, 192Ir, 60Co, 188W, 63Ni, 55,59Fe, 113,119mSn, 89Sr, 125,131I, 177Lu, etc.).