Experimental capabilities

Experimental Facilities Available

  • 1.2 MW low-temperature water loop equipped with three experimental channels;
  • 100 kW high-temperature water loop equipped with three experimental channels;
  • facilities for in-pile tests of material mechanical properties;
  • bench for testing fission product release from fuel materials;
  • capsules for large-scale testing of structural material samples under monitored conditions and accumulation of radionuclides;
  • center for neutron reference measurements;
  • area for radiochemical attestation;
  • physical model.

Reactor Highlights

  • high neutron flux density in the experimental channels that provides for accelerated high-dose irradiation of materials and items;
  • loop facilities that allow isolating irradiated samples from the reactor; temperature control; monitoring fission product release; monitoring neutron fluence on the samples; providing the necessary water chemistry; high-power heat removal system; waste decontamination & disposal systems;
  • large-size neutron converters can be used in the core to form a hard neutron spectrum and create a high fast neutron flux density;
  • there is a possibility to conduct tests simulating power excursion, ramping and cycling;
  • hot cell for sample interim examinations during the irradiation;
  • high-skilled and experienced personnel (licensed);
  • test benches for in-pile testing of material mechanical properties and fission product release from fuel samples;
  • operation and experiment quality assurance programs.