International Cooperation

Enhancing of foreign economic activities and international scientific-technical cooperation is one of the priority goals of JSC “SSC RIAR”.

JSC “SSC RIAR”, as an internationally-recognized expert organization, participates intensively in scientific and technical events to represent the interests of the Russian nuclear industry in the activities of various working groups, technical meetings and workshops held under the auspices of international organizations:



As regards scientific investigations ordered by foreign partners, JSC “SSC RIAR” aims at making and implementing long-term contracts which provide the customers with an entire range of knowledge-based services: from calculations to justify and develop experimental devices, reactor tests and post irradiation investigations to training the Customer’s personnel in innovative research methods and providing transport and logistics support for the samples delivery. Among the largest foreign partners are companies and research institutions from the USA (TerraPower, Argonne National Laboratory and Livermore National Laboratory), France (AREVA, Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission), South Korea (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) and China (Beijing CIAE-RIAR Radioisotope Technology Co., Ltd.).