Areas of Research

  • generation of experimental data on changes in fuel, absorbing and structural materials under irradiation;
  • justification of the performance of various fuel compositions under the normal operating conditions, transient modes and accidents;
  • justification of the closed nuclear fuel cycle implementation;
  • enhancement of the operational safety for systems and equipment of various reactors;
  • development of advanced methods for accumulation and production of radionuclides with the desired specific activity;

Experimental Research

  • experiments to generate data on the fast reactor safety justification;
  • examinations of nuclear fuels and radiation characteristics of irradiated fuel;
  • tests of fuel elements and fuel assemblies under the stationary, transient and accidental conditions;
  • tests of absorbing, structural, electro-insulating, magnetic and refractory materials;
  • study of the behavior of structural materials under irradiation (temperature range from 320 to 1000°C, damage doses up to 200dpa);
  • investigations of the BOR-60 neutronic characteristics;
  • accumulation of radionuclides.

Promising Areas of Research

  • investigation of the performance and behavior under irradiation of structural, absorbing and fuel materials from various types of reactors (power, research, propulsion, space, etc.) under conditions simulating their operational modes (stationary and transient) as well as under the design-basis accident conditions;
  • development of techniques and devices for tests, including instrumented ones, of fuel, absorbing and structural materials for new-generation nuclear facilities;
  • improvement of production of radionuclides of various application;
  • investigations to justify foreign-design fast reactors.