Experimental Capabilities

BOR-60 Experimental Capabilities:

  • up to 20 cells in the core and blanket to irradiate experimental FAs and capsules with samples inserted instead of standard FAs and blanket ones;
  • experimental core cell able to locate instrumented devices, including autonomous loop channels;
  • dry vertical and horizontal channels outside the reactor vessel;
  • rigs to test equipment.

BOR-60 Highlights:

  • uniqueness of BOR-60 is that it is the only in Russia and Europe fast test reactor;
  • a possibility of accelerated (up to 20dpa/year) high-dose (up to 100dpa and higher) irradiation of structural materials ;
  • a possibility of wide-scale tests of fuels for fast reactors in the justification of promising fuel cycles;
  • availability of experimental rigs providing the desired neutron spectrum to carry out research in the transmutation of high-active radionuclides, including actinides;
  • availability of experimental rigs to test large-scale mockups of equipment for the NPPs with fast reactors;
  • a possibility to generate high-active radionuclides accumulated more effectively in a hard neutron spectrum;
  • availability of a hot cell and equipment for interim examinations of irradiated samples and items.