About RIAR

Scientific Research Institute of Atomic Reactors was founded in 1956 on the initiative of academician I.V.Kurchatov to perform engineering and research activities.
In 2008 Scientific Research Institute was reorganized and became Joint Stock Company “State Scientific Center – Research Institute of Atomic Reactors” (JSC “SSC RIAR”). Thus, RIAR forms a part of integrated JSC Atomenergoprom (full name Joint Stock Company Atomic Energy Power Corporation) holding 100% of the official capital.

These days RIAR is the major and one of the largest in the world scientific and research entity in the nuclear industry to carry out system and production research related to topical trends of the nuclear power engineering development.

There are 6 research reactors at the Institute. Three of them SM, MIR and BOR-60 are the unique reactor facilities. There is the largest complex for post-irradiation examinations of nuclear reactor core components, irradiated specimens and irradiated fuel samples in Europe. RIAR has got facilities for research work in the field of nuclear fuel cycle, radiochemical unit and radioactive waste management complex.

The unique multifield experimental capabilities allow RIAR to carry out scientific and production activities related to basic scientific trends of nuclear power engineering:

  • Development and pilot demonstration of empowering nuclear technologies;
  • Rendering of science intensive services;
  • Transfer of nuclear technologies in other branches of industry, including nuclear medicine, industry and their application for solving environmental problems.

The RIAR production represents itself irradiation services and post-irradiation examinations of materials and nuclear power engineering products, an extensive nomenclature of high specific activity sources of ionizing radiation, new fuel fabrication and reprocessing technologies for nuclear reactors and radioactive waste utilization technologies. A high quality of RIAR products is known all over the world and highly appreciated by our partners i.e. the enterprisers of ROSATOM State Nuclear Energy Corporation and foreign companies.

The Institute has got its own training facilities to provide advanced vocational training of the personnel and extensively cooperates with regional Institutions of Higher Education to train the personnel both for the Institute and other regional companies.

RIAR carries out nature-conservative activities and research to study safe isolation conditions for low-active waste in deep-water geologic formations and above-surface storage conditions for spent nuclear fuel.

RIAR is the developer and manufacturer of extensive nomenclature of radionuclides and radioactive sources for science, industry and medicine.

Full-scale production facilities comprise power facilities for electric power generation, hot and cold water supply, auxiliary workshops for equipment manufacturing and repair. The Institute renders transportation services including transportation of nuclear materials and special cargos.

The RIAR site has high potential for development.